PTSD mentions of TFT

Two recent meta-analyses reviewing efficacious treatments for PTSD include mentions of TFT

The first, a meta-analysis and systematic review, reviewed 36 psycho-social interventions for treating disaster trauma in children and adolescents. This review included a research study by Sakai, Connolly and Oas (2010) treating PTSD in child genocide survivors in Rwanda using Thought Field Therapy. Of the different interventions, the TFT study reported the largest pre- to post-treatment effect size. It was published in Psychological Medicine.

The second meta-analysis by Morina et al, reviewed research by Connolly and Sakai (2012) with genocide survivors in Rwanda. It was published in Depression and Anxiety.

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Syrian Trauma Relief Through Tapping

We are sharing this on behalf of one of our newest Algorithm Practitioners in the Middle East, Zena Nabil Hammami.  It is her first case study after completing her online algorithm certification course. 

Just think what a difference it could make in the lives of children everywhere, and especially those living in the war-torn areas around our planet. 

  • Client identifier: SH

A friend of mine came to me to help her little son, he was 6 years and he was having a daily “Enuresis”, actually his mother used to put a baby diaper for him every night, she said that she took him to the doctor and after doing the medical tests, there seemed to be no clinical reason, his urinary system was ok!

I knew previously that the boy was having difficult times in the war here in Syria especially in his city, so I started to talk to the boy in  a lovely and kind way, I asked him about his most fears, and I understand that he was afraid to lose his mother as he lost his father (his father is a prisoner for years)  in the war, so his body is reacting in this way so he can gain more attention from his mother like a baby! So I started to begin the process with the: Algorithm of Fears “simple phobias”. Continue reading “Syrian Trauma Relief Through Tapping”

Working with 911 Dispatchers

Jim Mc Aninch, TFT-ADV, TFT-RCT and Tom Greenhalgh made a presentation about clearing issues which troubled Veterans, Public Safety and Addicts in their struggles with recovery, entitled “They don’t Talk, Trust or Feel”. 

911 dispatchers are a unique group, for they are the first responders. They are the first ones to connect with the individuals or groups with an emergency need. They must take the information, figure out the need and then relay that information to the proper responders with the correct location in seconds.  There is no room for error for they are dealing with life and death situations. Like the military and their special operation individuals; they are a challenging group to gain entry into.

With the development of CISM procedure and CISM teams working with the various responder groups, the value of this to the members was being recognized. Unfortunately the dispatchers we’re not included in these groups because they were not at the scene of the incident and it was felt that they were not affected by the event.

A number of years ago, I was called in to help with a crisis that had occurred within the northern zone of the Pittsburgh call center. On the northern zone’s weekend off, the team’s group leader/mentor was along with his wife killed in a tragic car crash. The crew members were unaware of the incident until reporting to work. The whole crew was impacted by the event and unable to safely work on the screens. The Chief Administrative Officer for Allegheny County requested immediate help from Pittsburgh’s CISM team. I was available and I went in to assess the need and give them what I was trained in regarding crisis intervention. I was able to educate them with regard to the possible effects of a critical incident but I also became aware that more was needed, to possibly find immediate relief.  I made the choice to integrate TFT into the crisis intervention work. I was able to stabilize thirteen dispatchers through one on ones and combinations in four hours which permitted them to safely return to work supporting the city of Pittsburgh. I immediately became the Chief’s designated 911 Center CISM representative ever since. Continue reading “Working with 911 Dispatchers”

Thought Field Therapy 1 – Atrial Fibrillation 0

I have been seeing a prominent Dallas physician, Dr. K, for annual physicals most of my adult life.  The process calls for many tests, starting early morning with blood draws, finishing up with a stress EKG, a review of results, and a hands-on examination.

This particular morning, Dr. K seemed a bit stressed as we reviewed my test results.  Dr. K stated, “Bruce, I may need to reschedule your physical examination as I had an A-Fib episode this morning and I have been up since 2 a.m.  I have a Catheter Ablation scheduled for early this afternoon, and I may not be up for your physical.”

Knowing that Dr. Callahan had had considerable success treating A-Fib with TFT, I offered a treatment to Dr. K.  To my pleasant surprise, he graciously accepted!

He was an 8 in terms of his level of concern about his experience so far that day and the pending ablation treatment in the next couple of hours.  We tapped the anxiety algorithm and brought him to a more peaceful state, about a 2.  We finished with the floor to ceiling eye roll.  He commented about how peaceful he felt and stated that he thought we could finish the entire exam, which we did. Continue reading “Thought Field Therapy 1 – Atrial Fibrillation 0”

TFT Optimal Health TFT Facilitates So Much Healing in Rwanda


Listen to what the Rwandans are saying and doing to help heal their country from the devastation of genocide.  Fr. Augustin sent us this brief video.  Learn what they are doing to make sure it never happens again.  Take just a quick minute to see what they are doing and how you can help us continue this work.

We need your help to continue.  You can contribute from the foundation’s website:

The world has lost a great man… Dr. Roger Callahan

Born on May 8, 1925, Roger Jerry Callahan was 88 years old. Dr. Callahan was a pioneer, an intellectual, and, above all, a humanitarian.

Roger Callahan founder of TFT and EFTMay 8, 1925 – November 4, 2013

Born on May 8, 1925, Roger Jerry Callahan was 88 years old.  Dr. Callahan was a pioneer, an intellectual, and, above all, a humanitarian.  He was passionate, not just about helping people, but challenging our beliefs about accepted psychological principles and healing in general.

In his long life, he found immense personal satisfaction through healing countless people who suffered:  emotionally and physically.

Roger is survived by his loving wife, Joanne; his children, Patti, Amy, Martha, and Scott; his grandchildren, Jennifer, Ryan, Katie, Haley, Tessa, Charlie, Will, and Jack; and his great granddaughter, Madi.

Roger retired in 2011 to spend time with his family, and Joanne Callahan continues the work of TFT.

Please join us in a celebration of Roger’s life, by clicking here.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to The TFT Foundation, to help complete the documentary on TFT and Roger’s work in Rwanda, as well to help The TFT Foundation to continue its work in helping treat trauma worldwide.

Donations may also be sent to The TFT Foundation, PO Box 1220, La Quinta, CA 92247

Roger CallahanI have been blessed to have shared nearly 25 years with a wonderful man.  One who has left the world with a powerful tool for the healing of our mind, body and spirit.

One of Roger’s favorite quotes was by Sir Francis Bacon, “God’s job is to hide things and man’s job is to find them.”  He spent his life trying to find “them”.   With a single-minded focus, he began searching for better ways to help his patients.  He then turned that focus toward finding better ways to facilitate self-healing around the world, and for all.

Roger lived with passion and a zest for living life to the fullest.  He had a deep conviction and understanding of the importance of what he was receiving and developing.  He persevered against all odds to bring us this gift of healing.  He was a true pioneer in a field whose time has now come.

His gift has profoundly changed the lives and transformed entire regions of traumatized countries – taking them from Trauma to Peace.  This will continue to expand across our chaotic planet.

His work is no longer just about tapping away fear or anger, but about lifting ourselves out of separation and conflict, to a place of love and peace.  I have witnessed this evolution and am honored to be able to help share his gift with a world that so desperately needs it.

Please join me as we continue his legacy of sharing TFT with the world – with all.

Click here to visit Roger’s Memorial website.