Trauma Passed to Future Generations

When a man is traumatised changes occur in his sperm which are passed on to his children

How the trauma of life is passed down in sperm, affecting the mental health of future generations

The changes are so strong they can even influence a man’s grandchildren

  • They make the offspring more prone to conditions like bipolar disorder


And new research shows this is because experiencing trauma leads to changes in the sperm.

These changes can cause a man’s children to develop bipolar disorder and are so strong they can even influence the man’s grandchildren.

Psychologists have long known that traumatic experiences can induce behavioural disorders that are passed down from one generation to the next.

However, they are only just beginning to understand how this happens.

Researchers at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich now think they have come one step closer to understanding how the effects of traumas can be passed down the generations.

The researchers found that short RNA molecules – molecules that perform a wide range of vital roles in the body – are made from DNA by enzymes that read specific sections of the DNA and use them as template to produce corresponding RNAs.

Other enzymes then trim these RNAs into mature forms.

Cells naturally contain a large number of different short RNA molecules called microRNAs.

They have regulatory functions, such as controlling how many copies of a particular protein are made.

The researchers studied the number and kind of microRNAs expressed by adult mice exposed to traumatic conditions in early life and compared them with non-traumatised mice.

They discovered that traumatic stress alters the amount of several microRNAs in the blood, brain and sperm – while some microRNAs were produced in excess, others were lower than in the corresponding tissues or cells of control animals.

These alterations resulted in misregulation of cellular processes normally controlled by these microRNAs.

After traumatic experiences, the mice behaved markedly differently – they partly lost their natural aversion to open spaces and bright light and showed symptoms of depression.

These behavioural symptoms were also transferred to the next generation via sperm, even though the offspring were not exposed to any traumatic stress themselves.

The metabolisms of the offspring of stressed mice were also impaired – their insulin and blood sugar levels were lower than in the offspring of non-traumatised parents.

‘We were able to demonstrate for the first time that traumatic experiences affect metabolism in the long-term and that these changes are hereditary,’ said Professor Isabelle Mansuy.

‘With the imbalance in microRNAs in sperm, we have discovered a key factor through which trauma can be passed on.’

However, certain questions remain open, such as how the dysregulation in short RNAs comes about.

Professor Mansuy said: ‘Most likely, it is part of a chain of events that begins with the body producing too many stress hormones.’

Importantly, acquired traits other than those induced by trauma could also be inherited through similar mechanisms, the researcher suspects.

TFT Helps Handicapped Rwandan Girl Go to School


Following is the testimony of one of the handicapped children who live in the Izere Center in Byumba, Rwanda. Supported by the TFT Foundation, the Izere Center provides TFT to the children, as well as to the surrounding community.

Alphonse spontaneously offered her testimony after the recent community TFT treatment day that was made possible by generous donors to the foundation.

She talked about how she came to the Izere Center to be helped with her studies and necessary medication. She shared her long time feelings of fear and isolation. She had complex challenges and had been traumatized because at home her parents prohibited her to go outside of the house.

Alphonse shared the following:

“I had fear to look or to talk with any people because I was not like them. I saw them with arms, with legs and I don’t have them, and I figured that I’m not a person.

When the other kids came to me I had difficulty to be with them. I only had peace when I was alone in the room, and although I’m in Izere Center for 6 years, I never had peace

After Adrienne (a TFT trained psychologist supported by the TFT Foundation) came to me last month, she started to focus on me… she treated me with the technique that I’ve seen many times being used to treat the people who come here. Now you see, I’m very happy and I can stand between you and talk with you. I had refused to be treated for a long time; and now I’m going to convince my brother and sister to come to this school.”

Your Chance to Help the Children in Rwanda

Izere Children
Regarding our last post, about the phenomenal work being done using TFT to relieve the profound suffering of children and adults at the Izere Center in Rwanda:

We have a donor, wishing to remain anonymous, that has offered matching funds to help IZERE community treatment days. They need $2200 for October’s community treatment day. The last community day, during the period of mourning, that we helped we were able to provide funding to treat 250 people and 435 came for help. Please help us keep these children and others receiving TFT relief in their lives. Help us raise the matching funds of $1100.

If you’d like to help us help these children:  Contribute Here

Thank you!


TFT Relieves Suffering of Children in Rwanda

TFT at Izere Center, RwandaThe following was written by Fr. Augustin Nzabonimana, director of the Izere Center, Rwanda, where TFT is used to relieve the suffering of those who have undergone horrendous trauma from the genocide, being orphaned, and other atrocities:

Discover the meaning of life using TFT!!!
Look how TFT Is helping the children with disabilities who live at Izere Center!

Many people we are treating at Izere Center come with depression, hopeless, angry and grief, with PTSD and extreme trauma,…! Somme time we need to lodge those who have an extreme trauma, fear and depression.

And, as Izere center is a social Center, we receive many cases to helped: Widows with low income, handicapped children, people with different incurable diseases, orphans,…

TFT is helping us to deal with all cases which need the high knowledge in psychology, sociology, theology and philosophy.

The pictures of the children who lie at Izere Center, I took them in different time after the long observation. It was no easy to see the happy and dancing. When they saw someone coming to them they went to hid themselves!Before TFT: Izere Center, Rwanda

But now, when they have problem they go directly to see me, Adrienne or Betty to be treated with TFT.  And I was very happy to see them treat themselves!!!After TFT: Izere Center, Rwanda

And I’m really happy to see my dear children friends dancing, singing and greeting  the visitors of Izere Center. Note that many of those children are orphans and handicapped. We feed them, lodge them and bring them at school. They are my best friends children!!!

Rwandan Orphans Singing in Thanks to TFT


400 orphans from the El Shaddai Orphange in Kigali, Rwanda greet the 2007 ATFT Relief Team with song. The Relief Team was there to treat the trauma from the street orphans, victims of the 1994 genocide and HIV/AIDS, that call El Shaddai ‘home’. The 2008 ATFT Relief Team will be returned to Rwanda in May with great success.

Relieving Trauma, Cause of Violent Behavior


Peacemakers Inc. is a nonprofit, innovative and effective on-site mentoring organization, Founded by Hank Roberts in 2000. Our mission at Peacemakers is to assist and mentor the underserved youth, both locally and eventually globally.

We will guide them in making better choices, showing them other options, effectively creating positive change in their lives and in the process, bettering our society in general. We exist to help rectify the high violent crime rates, and to reduce the High School drop rates [which are presently 50%] which means 1 out of 2 students drop out.

It would be much higher if we included the escalating middle school dropout rates. There were 124 murders this year in Oakland, CA as of 12/24/12 alone… that is 10+ people a month or 1 every 3 days. We must reduce this high statistic!

We believe at Peacemakers that Trauma is at the root cause of violent behavior among the African American youth!

One of the ways that Peacemakers proposes to help reduce this problem is to implement the use of Thought Field Therapy to eliminate or begin to heal the high Trauma rates in the three major areas of Psychological Trauma: Environmental, Physical, and Emotional. It is our hope that you will view this video and share our vision of helping in the healing of our much troubled, underserved, and traumatized youth, because ‘This is where the Change Begins’.

When Thought Field Therapy is applied to emotional problems it addresses their fundamental causes, thus balancing the body’s energy system and allows the participant to eliminate most negative emotions and fears in minutes. “What’s fascinating about TFT is its quick and painless results, and its success rate is almost unheard of in the field of mental health in any type of treatment over this whole century”–Shad Meshad, President, National Veterans Foundation & Founder and Author of the National Vet Center Program.

Peacemakers exists entirely on school funding, special government grants, and donations from our supporters. The funding, grants, and donations are now stagnant, while the needs of our youth are in crisis. We need your support now so we can continue to assist our youth and to also expand our program locally and globally.

Thank You for Your Consideration,
John Ivey
Director of High School Mentoring Programs Peacemakers Inc.
81 Vernon St. suite 301
Oakland Ca. 94610